Young People Experience Joys "Beyond Anything They'd Imaged"


Many families and young people experience the joys of serving where the need is great on their summer vacation from school.  A young sister, at the age of 12, relates the joys she, her family, and friends had in the British Virgin Islands:



"Our mom talked with my two brothers and me about how we would feel about "roughing it" with very little money to spare.  We imagined ourselves staying in a very tiny place where we would sleep on the floor.  We imagined that it would be very hot and that there would be lots of bugs.  We talked about being willing to make the sacrifices in order to help people learn the Bible there.  We had no idea what the island would be like but we just decided to go ahead and see what would happen.


"Our mom was a regular pioneer; however, she made it a goal to "unofficially" special pioneer and to preach 150 hours.  Although we were not regular pioneers, we "unofficially" regular pioneered with the goal of 90 hours each month.


"When we arrived on the island of Tortola, the elders gave our family two maps of large sections of the island to work, and our joys began at the very first house we went to!  The lady was a Catholic, but had a lot of Bible questions. She invited us in and asked  so many questions and then asked if we would talk to her daughters who also had a lot of questions about the Bible.  They asked us about dating and premarital sex and many other things and asked us if we would come back regularly each week and teach them!! 



"My brother and I started many studies with young people who were living there from British Guiana and the Dominican Republic and had so much fun answering all their questions!


"The first 2 weeks, we started 30 Bible studies as a family. The 3rd week, the elders formed a new book study with these new Bible students (who were Dominican immigrants) and an additional Watchtower study in Spanish. It was an ecstatic two months!! We would preach five hours--from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.--everyday as people get up very early in the morning there. We would eat lunch on the beach, and then some days go on return visits and studies in the afternoon and other days we would go to the beach .  My mom would spend the afternoon doing return visits and Bible studies and then come back for us and our friends who had joined us in the British Virgin Islands. 



"Some days we took a boat and went for the entire day to other little islands off the coast, such as Josh Van Dyke and St. Peter's Island.  Many of these people had never heard the truth before.


"By the end of the two months our family had preached 840 hours, placed almost 700 magazines, made 212 return visits and conducted an average of 20 Bible studies each week!  We had a wonderful spiritual experience preaching the good news of the Kingdom as well as a wonderful time recreating together as a family!  Our experience that two months was far beyond anything we had ever imagined!


"The branch made arrangements for 2 special pioneers to come to the island of Tortola once a month and follow up on the interest after we left at the end of two months. The following year, we returned for 2 months to find a number of these students had progressed, had joined the Theocratic Ministry School, and even attended an assembly.  The second summer after we left,  special pioneers were assigned there full-time and we learned 2 years later that a new little congregation had been formed!"