"Words Cannot Express the Joys of Serving Where the Need is Great!" 


This is how one needgreater sister, who has served where the need is great for almost 40 years, expresses it.  She continues, "I first experienced the joys of serving where the need is great at the age of 21 after learning of the great need on a tiny island in the Atlantic where I went to pioneer and was appointed a special pioneer.  After serving there for some nine years, I married & continued to serve where the need is great as a special pioneer in the United States.  In time, I married, had children, was widowed and once again returned to pioneering and serving where the need was great--only this time with my young children. 


 "My children and I experienced many joys  serving two months out of each year in such places  as, The Poconos, USA , the British Virgin Islands and the Island of Hispaņola, Dominican Republic. In time, we decided to move to the Dominican Republic to serve there permanently.



"In places where the need is great, such as the Dominican Republic, the joys that come from conducting 10, 15 and even 20 Bible studies can only be equaled by the further joys  of helping these persons to make the needed changes in their lives, join the ministry school, qualify to become a new publisher, and then to make a dedication to Jehovah & get baptized! It is a very happy purposeful life that is always filled with wonderful new experiences!! 


 "Because there is so much to do helping the new ones,  it is not uncommon for a needgreater to put in special pioneer hours without even trying! Many effortlessly make 75-100 return visits a month, and easily place the same amount of magazines because there is so much interest.   All the while they continue to experience the joys of starting even more new Bible studies!  The Dominican people are spiritual-minded and love the Bible.  Mornings, preaching house to house, we often talk non-stop for three hours since most persons invite us in and ask questions. By noon, our mouths are dry from talking, we're exhausted, but we are filled with the 'joy of Jehovah'! "