Parents of a young sister in Ecuador wrote:

 "This was written after my daughter, a needgreater in Ecuador, had taken a 12-hour walk in the jungle.  She was on her way to a meeting with a Bible study with a family of ten.  She wrote us that during the walk she got seventeen blisters on her feet and lost one toenail!  However, the work in Ecuador is so exciting that she deems such things a mere inconvenience and worth the sacrifice and joys that come from serving where the need is great!  But...let her tell it for herself as she writes:"


I was writing home to Daddy
In the jungle’s sun today
Explaining my adventures
And what's happening my way.

But then my mind began to drift
To the happenings last week
Nueve De Vincentina trials
And the seventeen blisters on my feet.

I thought of the ugly spiders
Araņias, sweat and rain
And the washroom in the weeds
With prickers - what a pain!

I looked at my nine toenails
And red polka-dotted legs
I just know my dad's gonna wonder
What I'm doing in this place.

So I chose to write a new letter
On a more up building beat
Forgetting inconveniences
And problems - like my feet.

I want him to know I'm happy
Though it's not all fun and games
And the people are so sheep like
After all, that's why I came.

I'll tell him about the sunrise
The butterflies, and the trees
The black smiling eyes of children
And how much we love the breeze.

The different kinds of animals
And variety of fruit, too.
The nights we've spent in songs
And woken to morning’s dew.

Then I thought about us fishing
Just Dad and me in the boat
But I thought of a better fishing work
So I grabbed my pen and wrote.

"Daddy I know you'd enjoy it
Just as much as I do here
Because I got this love from you
For the "FISHING'S" better here!"



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