In almost all countries and languages, there are special words that are coined to describe a special place, activity or person & often these words stick permanently, thus becoming unique to that language or arrangement of things. It is no different with Jehovah's people. For example, the word "needgreaters" is now commonly used worldwide to refer to those who serve where the need is great! Or the word, "publishers" has been used for almost a century now, by Jehovah's Witnesses to refer to those preaching the good news of the Kingdom along with a congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses.


In México, among Jehovah's people, we now have the relatively new word "Mexidonia" which seems to have become "officially-coined" and even used from the platform at assemblies. In México, there is a great need for brothers to help out with the English (a foreign language in México) congregations and groups.  This unique "territory" of México-English has come to be known as "Mexidonia" .  Of course, this is a pun on the word, "Macedonia" used at Acts 16:9, but a very fitting one, since  the encouragement is to "step over into" México-English" in order to help out!


In a circuit assembly held this past service year in Morelia, Michoácan, México for Circuit #3-inglés, the circuit overseer began his talk on the needs of the circuit with the words:  “The work is BOOMING in México English!” He explained that three new English congregations had been formed just in that one circuit in May of 2006, that another four groups were preparing to become congregations, and that five new book study locations looked promising for also becoming future congregations. He continued with commendation to the many Mexican brothers  who have stepped over into "Mexidonia"  into a new culture and language in order to serve where there is a much greater need in their own country. 


The joy the brothers are experiencing by serving in "Mexidonia" are reflected in the following statistics: 

The joy of serving in Mexidonia, or México-English, can also be seen and even  felt at the assemblies when all these needgreaters, both foreign and from within the country itself, come together! 





Just a few of the many young ones who have eagerly stepped over into Mexidonia.




Jesús & Marina Calderón, one of many needgreater couples who have stepped over into "Mexidonia," came from California, and began serving where the need is great in 1999 - serving first in Guadalajara, later in Aguascalientes and presently, in Colima. 


Regarding the joys of serving in "Mexidonia", they enthusiastically exclaim, "We are here because we want to be here!  Most Witnesses around the world serve in their congregations because they live in its territory.  But the majority of those serving in Mexidonia have specifically moved to that territory in order to develop the English work.  Whether we have moved from another country or from a local Spanish congregation here in México, we have done it because we want to.  The result is a contagious and energetic atmosphere of joyful harvest workers, and a harvest it is indeed!"



Personal expressions of Brother Richard Hitt from the Tapatia inglés [English] Congregation in Guadalajara.  In his interview during [México-English District Convention] he told the audience of his unique spiritual heritage.  His great-great grandmother, great-grandmother, and great-grandfather were of the anointed.  His grandmother died faithful after 50 years of full-time service and all of  her five daughters remained faithful until their deaths.  He related to the audience in the Auditorio Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez in Quéretaro, Quéretaro, México how he so very much appreciated this marvelous spiritual heritage.  And yet, even given that background filled with countless spiritually rich experiences, he didn’t hesitate to state that, “Coming to México has been the highlight of our lives.  Speaking for me and my wife, I can truthfully say it is our happiest time.”

 [In those simple yet poignant words, Brother Hitt summarized the feelings of all of us who have stepped over to "Mexidonia".  The spiritual rewards are innumerable, the inner fulfillment without compare!]


At the first district convention in a foreign language in México, held in English in 1998, Brother Spillers of the Querétero Congregation interviewed Brother & Sister Harry & Laura Good, Gilead graduates, full-time servants for decades, and now in their 80's.   

"About five years ago Bro. Good asked his wife:  "How long do you think you have?"  She responded:  "That's like asking me when am I going to die!"  He repeated:  "How long do you think you have?"  Still not understanding, she thought:  Why is he asking?  Got another girl lined up?  Again he repeated the same question.  Realizing he was serious, she said she didn't know exactly -- maybe a few more years.  "Well, if that's all we have, Laura, what are we doing HERE (in the States)?  LET'S GO WHERE WE CAN BE USED!" 

"So, Brother & Sister Good ended up in Puerto Vallarta, México.  And Sister Good is so very thankful for, as she put it:  "It's the only city in México whose name I can pronounce!"  When Bro. Spillers asked Sis. Good her immediate goals---her answer?  "To keep breathing, Brother!" 

The spirit that moves most of the English-speaking brothers to pack up and relocate to México--regardless of age & years serving in other locations--was (and is) the unsinkable pioneer spirit! 


                Harry & Laura Good 

  Thrilled to be at the 1st English DC in México





In the 1990's Sister Barbara Gilbert was moved to glorify Jehovah where there was a greater need.  Jehovah blessed her prayers by giving her an assignment in Ecuador where she delighted in serving for five years.  Now, after 61 years of dedicated service, 26 of those in full-time service, Barbara desired to again serve where there was an even  greater need. However, upon settling happily into her new assignment in México-English, things did not continue to go smoothly. In time, Immigration authorities advised her to pack up & leave México within 30 days because she no longer qualified for her visa.  Did she then return back to the United States because of this?  No! With her spiritual feet firmly planted in the spiritually fertile ground of México she prayed fervently to Jehovah and relates how "Jehovah did, indeed, hear and answer my prayers. A Mexican witness family agreed to sponsor me and the Immigration Department accepted all the paperwork submitted."

When asked how she could make such drastic changes in her life at such an advanced age, her response was simply, "I've needed to depend fully on Jehovah and I've learned that it is easier to run this race for life if I'm carrying less." 

[For more experiences & information about México-English, please visit:  www.Needgreaters.com/MexicoEnglish.htm]