Comments from the Faithful & Discreet Slave class
concerning Kingdom Hall Volunteer workers:

"The Society is grateful to the many volunteers who help with Kingdom Hall construction. It is truly  gratifying to see tens of thousands of volunteers offer themselves in all aspects of Kingdom Hall construction. The success of this program is possible because of such a willing, generous, and cooperative spirit on the part of volunteer workers, who sacrifice time that could otherwise be well spent with their congregations and families. (Ps. 110:3; Col. 3:23) This loving  response makes them worthy of our commendation, appreciation, and full support."   —Our Kingdom Ministry, August 1997, page 3, paragraph 4. 

Making a comparison of the purpose of Solomon's temple and that of the Kingdom Halls in our day, the 2005 Watchtower, December 1, page 19, said,  "Though God cannot be contained in any building, the temple [Solomon's], was to serve as the center of Jehovah's worship. Today, Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses are centers of true worship in the community". Since construction of Kingdom Halls throughout the world is a sacred service similar to the work of constructing Solomon's temple, what a privilege for brothers and sisters to volunteer their assets and time to have a part in such a work locally and, when possible, in the International work. 

For those who would like to serve where the need is great in the capacity of a "Kingdom Hall Volunteer Worker", in their home country, a little information about this has been quoted  directly from the Society's publications, below, with the purpose of simply encouraging such ones to research this subject on their own and read the articles quoted from in their entirety.

One such publication, not quoted from is the Organized to Do Jehovah's Will  since this information is not published on the Watchtower Library CD and the publication is available only to publishers and baptized witnesses.  For those with the goal of working on Kingdom Hall construction reading the updated information in this publication would be to their advantage as well.


Regarding the inception of this program, to assist in the construction of Kingdom Halls throughout the world, the 2004 Watchtower, November 1, pages 20-22, says: 

"In many lands...economic conditions do not permit local Witnesses to finance the construction of Kingdom Halls without some initial assistance. In 1999, therefore, Jehovah’s Witnesses began a program to use funds from wealthier lands to help build Kingdom Halls in poorer countries. In addition, thousands of volunteers have donated their time and skills, often working in remote areas of these countries

Kingdom Halls are built using local methods and materials. Although these halls are not elaborate, they are attractive, practical, and comfortable. When the building program began in 1999, some 40 countries with limited resources were included. Since then, the construction program has been expanded to encompass 116 such lands, involving more than half of the congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the world. In the past five years, more than 9,000 Kingdom Halls have been built under this arrangement, an average of more than 5 new halls each day! Still, in these 116 lands, there remains a need for 14,500 new Kingdom Halls. With Jehovah’s blessing and through the willingness and generosity of Witnesses around the world, it is hoped that there will be enough funds to meet this need.—Psalm 127:1. 

An update on Kingdom Hall construction was published in the 2005 Awake! November 11, page 9, which reported: 

"Besides filling material needs, Jehovah’s Witnesses are even more interested in helping people spiritually. This accounts for their desire to build Kingdom Halls for use as centers of spiritual training. In 1997 it was reported: "With help from brothers in other lands, the [Watch Tower] Society has been able to help build 413 new Kingdom Halls and remodel 727 others in just a four-month period in 75 different countries." By 2003, the report was made: "Among the European countries benefiting from an arrangement to help build Kingdom Halls in lands with limited resources is Romania, where 124 Kingdom Halls have been built since July 2000. Using a standard pattern for almost all their Kingdom Halls, Ukraine built 61 in the year 2001 and 76 more in 2002. With the aid of moneys contributed to the Kingdom Hall Fund, hundreds of Kingdom Halls have been built in Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, and Serbia and Montenegro."

Speaking of the need for help of other branches throughout the world, Our Kingdom Ministry, August 1997, page 3,  paragraph 9 says: 

"There are occasions when other branches need assistance from regional committees in the United States. Such help is often necessary to repair the damage after some disaster or to provide training for a local Regional Building Committee. It is a real expression of love when responsible brothers from this country are willing to travel at their own expense to assist in another country. When a request by a branch office is approved, the Society selects a regional committee that may have a slack period in the Kingdom Hall construction schedule within its own region to serve in this way. This makes for an orderly arrangement."

And speaking further of the great need for more Kingdom Halls throughout the world, paragraph 11 continues:

"The need for more Kingdom Halls in certain lands is emphasized in the 1997 Yearbook. For example, mention is made of Ukraine, where 47 Kingdom Halls have been built thus far and construction of another 56 is under way. The need in such countries is very evident. The report states: "Many more Kingdom Halls are needed in Russia. The increase in the number of Witnesses there is very rapid, but about 85 percent of the congregations under the Russia branch do not have permanent meeting places. In Zimbabwe, where there are some 800 congregations, it has been necessary for many of these to meet out in the open. This has caused some newly interested ones to hold back from attending." Similar situations exist in other countries in Eastern Europe, Africa, and Latin America."

For those who would like to serve as a Kingdom Hall Volunteer Worker, there is a specific form to fill out and procedure to follow.  This is outlined in Our Kingdom Ministry, June 2005, page 3: 

 "The secretary should see that the Regional Building Committee is kept up-to-date on the status of all baptized publishers who have submitted Kingdom Hall Volunteer Worker Questionnaire (S-82) forms. When there are adjustments in a volunteer’s status, such as when one moves or is appointed as a ministerial servant or an elder, a new form should be filled out promptly and submitted. If a volunteer’s mailing address or telephone number changes or if he is no longer in good standing in the congregation, the elders should immediately inform the Regional Building Committee by letter. The completed S-82 forms in the congregation file should be made available for the circuit overseer’s review when he visits the congregation."

The  privilege of being a Kingdom Hall Volunteer Worker" is open to brothers and sisters throughout the world in many different countries. One simply needs to check with the elders, their Branch Office  and the Our Kingdom Ministry published for their particular country.



This double-Kingdom Hall was built in Guadalajara, México by volunteers from both the Spanish and the English congregations. When completed, it was immediately filled to capacity with 1 English congregation (the only one in the city at the time) and 9 Spanish congregations. In México, a double-Kingdom Hall is referred to as an "gemelo"--- meaning "identical twins."

Ajijic, México



Citala, Jalisco, México



Look carefully -- do you see how each brick is moved from the ground to the roof !!






It took 9 years to complete this Kingdom Hall!  Why?  Certainly not a lack of Jehovah's spirit or enthusiastic volunteers; simply a lack of funds.  These photos were taken at the completion of the project that brought such praise to Jehovah in the little pueblito of Citala, Jalisco, México.

  KwaMashu South Africa Kingdom Hall Dedication



                      South Africa                   So.Africa:Province:KwaZulu-Natal                Area of Durban:Township Ntuzuma =KwaMashu


The two halls in KwaMashu were dedicated the 19th and 20th of August. A brother from Bethel, Sorel Hart, came to give the dedication talks. First let us show you the finished product!


Welcome to Kwa Mashu South dedication!


All is complete, even a bit of landscaping.  This soil is all shale so we are hoping that the plants will take!





After repeated tries, all the electrical works, (though we did have to replace the "disco" style tri-color spotlights above the podium!) Curtains are up and the congregation has decorated the literature counters with some lovely arrangements.




Victor gives the history of this hall. The congregation was founded in 1962. It started off with 8 publishers and 2 pioneers. Now it has 94 publishers and 20 pioneers, 7 elders and 3 ministerial servants! They had met in school classrooms or in garages for all those years. They have battled to find land and even more, to purchase it. Finally, a former beer hall is a Kingdom Hall. As Victor says, "Today we have made history!"




Obed, an older brother in this hall, has shown up every day to work with us. He is always very quite and so we were surprised when he had the audience in stitches. He didn't like how the younger brother was translating into English, so he swapped languages with him. Then, he promised to visit Mike in Canada 200 years from now! He also stated that he would not call the sisters, "sisters" any more, they worked like brothers, so they should be called brothers too.





After a shortened Watchtower study, the visiting speaker gives the dedication talk.





Roy tries out the outdoor seating! With an attendance of well over 300 there were people everywhere. We especially appreciated the singing that resulted. The first song got off to a rocky start since the congregation is not used to having the music played. The second song, they sang without music. It was also endearing to see the novelty of using microphones in the congregation.





Sorel Hart has been at Bethel for many years. Before that he served as a Circuit Overseer for this area. he gave a lovely talk emphasizing the joys and the growth this congregation would now experience. The congregation is so excited!












During this, the sisters have been so busy at work.  They end up feeding 300+ people in about 30 minutes!








Felix is the only elder in his congregation in Chaka's Krall. They live far from the builds. In fact, it costs him about half a days wage to transport his family to Kwa Mashu. Yet, he and his family came every weekend they could to help out on these projects. We love working with them!



And the festivities continue.....Witnesses worldwide are known for their ability to eat and visit!



Had to include this picture of Kathy and the sisters. They have taken such good care of us the months we have worked there.  We will miss them!