Population: 106,451,679; Publishers: 593,802; Ratio: 1 to 179; Congregations: 11,192 

[2006 Yearbook]     


Comments by the Faithful & Discreet Slave class about those serving where the need is greater, specifically  in their relationship to the progress of the worldwide Kingdom Preaching work:


"What accounts for such progress? Many things. Missionaries trained at the Watchtower Bible School of Gilead and, more recently, upwards of 20,000 graduates of the Ministerial Training School have made a huge contribution. So have the many Witnesses who at their own expense have moved to lands where the need for Kingdom publishers is greater. Such self-sacrificing Christians—men and women, young and old, single and married—play a significant role in preaching the Kingdom message throughout the earth.  They are greatly appreciated."

Watchtower July 1, 2005, Pages 22-23



Stepping Over into Mexidonia 

Mexico-English District Conventions
Why English in Mexico?
 Is Jehovah Really Blessing Such a Work?
Jehovah's Blessing Upon México-English!   
When & How Did Jehovah Begin to Actively Turn His Attention to the

           English-Speaking of México?       
Experiences Serving Where the Need is Great in México-English

Location of English Congregations & Groups

México-English: Considering the Climate






“What I am is God’s gift to me. What I do with it, is my gift to Him!”

Since Jehovah owns "the beasts upon a thousand mountains" &  "gives the gift of life and breath and all things" to everyone, what could we possibly give to Jehovah to express our love and appreciation to Him?  At one of México-English's District Conventions, Brother Daniel Pestrui, with more than 60 years of dedicated service and when serving with México-English, in the Ajijic congregation, summed up the answer in these words: 

“What I am is God’s gift to me.   What I do with it, is my gift to Him!”

These are the same sentiments of  the many thousands of brothers and sisters throughout the world, that have moved to areas where the need is greater! Using their lives to serve Jehovah in this capacity is  their personal treasured gift to Him!  And,  have they been blessed in presenting this "gift" to Him?  The following experiences and expressions by those who have stepped over into "Mexidonia," or México-English, speak for themselves:

“Coming to México has been the highlight of our lives.  Speaking for me and my wife, I can truthfully say it is our happiest time.” In those simple yet poignant words, Brother Hitt from the Tapatia inglés congregation in Guadalajara, summarized the feelings of all of us who have stepped over to Mexidonia.  The spiritual rewards are innumerable, the inner fulfillment without compare.

Another couple has this to say, "We consider it a GREAT privilege to be serving in this history-making work in México. We view it as actually LIVING an experience found in the yearbook, instead of just READING about it. Yes, it is work, but the best kind one can find on earth in this time of the end. And the exquisite mixture of the warmth of our Mexican brothers who have sacrificed to learn English in order to support our work, along with the theocratic experience of the brothers who have moved here from the States, Canada, and elsewhere, results in a taste of the worldwide brotherhood that is truly special. We thank Jehovah daily that we are here."

Yes, people have willingly made great changes in their lives to support this ground-breaking preaching work in México.  Virtually everyone here has either moved from another country or learned English in order to more fully give glory to our God Jehovah.  Because of this extraordinary self-sacrificing spirit, a special bond has developed that supercedes cultural differences and enables us to focus intently on the work of establishing and cultivating this foreign-language territory.  

In the México-English territory throughout the entire country, there is thought to be more than 1,000,000 persons who speak English that need to be reached with the Truth and it has been estimated by circuit overseers  that  only 10% of the territory in the four English circuits has been canvassed, leaving at least 90% of the country still untouched!

In 1995, the first English-speaking person was baptized before there was even an English congregation.  In 1996, two English congregations were formed and by 1999,  when the Calderón family moved from California to serve in México-English, there were only six congregations. By 2006, the Calderóns and many others had personally witnessed a phenomenal growth of the work:  those six congregations had become more than 60, divided into four circuits.  This continuous increase moved them to exclaim at the 2005 English District Convention which had a peak attendance of 3,146, "We could do nothing less than beam, our hearts nearly bursting, our eyes brimming with tears of joy at the generous way Jehovah has blessed all our efforts."

And what has made this phenomenal increase possible? The self-sacrificing, missionary spirit of needgreaters from all around the world!  For example, in 2002, at the English District Convention, an experience was related about a young needgreater, Juan Carlos Diaz, only 21 years old. Juan Carlos Diaz began studying & attending meetings at the age of 15 in spite of bitter opposition from his entire family and merciless beatings with a belt by his father. What had helped him to continue to study and to progress he says, "... was that I saw that my real protection was inside Jehovah's organization and I just wanted to be there."

By 2002, Juan had been baptized and had been a regular pioneer for four years and had expanded his ministry to serve where the need was greater.  He served on the English pioneer route in the country of Belize [part of the Mexican Branch], where 300 pioneers on the route began over 700 studies, 68 studies in one congregation alone! 

Juan Carlos then served as a ministerial servant in the English book study in Valle de Bravo, about two hours outside México City.  This book study "group" often had  as many as 50 attend the English public talk.  If there were 50 in attendance, why was  Valle de Bravo still a book study and not an official English group or English Congregation?  The answer was simple: There was no elder or brothers to take the lead!  Young Juan was the only appointed servant and that meant that  he had to conduct the book study and the study of the Watchtower, arrange for public talks, organize all the territories and the preaching work, and, as best as he could,  shepherd the flock. 

Years later, needgreaters such as Juan Carlos are able to experience the joy of looking back and seeing how Jehovah blessed their efforts and the part they were able to have in the spiritual growth in the area  where they served. This little book study in Valle de Bravo, eventually did became a congregation and is presently Valle de Bravo Congregation, State of México, and part of Circuit # 03-Inglés.

There is a TREMENDOUS need in virtually all the congregations, groups, and book study groups throughout the country. This is true for both brothers and sisters. Of course, hard-working elders and ministerial servants are in the greatest demand as most of those already in the circuits are working "double-time" because of the limited number of responsible brothers.

Because of this great need, many Mexican brothers are making the effort to learn English and "step over into Mexidonia" to help out!  Referring to the loving efforts of these brothers, one needgreater couple from California, wrote: "As we hear their sincere expressions of love for Jehovah, we ask ourselves how could we possibly refuse to serve in this needy English territory in México-English when we speak the language and have the circumstances? We thank Jah that he opened up the way for us by opening up our hearts to see the need."

Damon and Lorena Harris and their daughters came from Los Angeles for three months in order to serve where the need is greater.   As regular pioneers, they were out in service daily with their two young ones.  Damon had the unique privilege of presenting his first 45-minute discourse ever, not in his home congregation, but at Tapatía Inglés in Guadalajara.  He and Lorena also were given the surprise privilege of playing principal parts in a District Convention drama. Their visit to Guadalajara was meant to be only a three month experience, but Jehovah’s spirit moved them to want more!  They went back to Los Angeles for a short while, but only to arrange their affairs as they felt impelled to serve in this area of great need! 

And return they did, continuing to serve in Guadalajara.  During this second period of service in Mexidonia, their oldest girl became an unbaptized publisher at the tender age of seven!  And Lorena gave birth to their third daughter!

More and more entire families are coming to help out--some for even just  a few months--and others are moving here permanently. Many young single brothers and sisters from the States, Canada, Japan, and other countries have also opted to serve in México-English and receive the blessings unique to Mexidonia. As many as  35%-40% of those in the English congregations in México are regular or special pioneers!

These needgreaters everywhere throughout México-English, express their deep heartfelt appreciation to Jehovah for being here during  this momentous time in Theocratic history where so much is happening so quickly!  And does Jehovah value this "gift" to Him?  As Brother Daniel Pestrui, [mentioned above], concluded his discourse, "Jehovah so highly values our gift, that He has vowed to spend an eternity with us in demonstrating His appreciation!  May we always remember that "what we are is God's gift to us. What we do with it is our gift to Him!"  

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August 10-12, 2007  New dates

Querétaro, Querétaro, México

Auditorio Josef a Ortiz de Dominguez

(Please note:   the dates were changed after the printing of the

March 1, 2007 La Atalaya [México edition]).




Very often, brothers and sisters attending the English District Conventions in México receive just the impetus and encouragement they need to go home, pack up and return to where the need is greater--to "Mexidonia"!

At one District Convention, the words of Sister Esther Lozano, [originally from California, and a Gilead graduate of the class of 1945, having been assigned to México and presently serving at the Mexican Branch since 1950] had a great effect on one couple!  She was asked in an interview, what "her secret" was to all her many years of full-time dedicated service.  She replied, "Be faithful.  Stick to his work.  Do what He wants you to do! "    

A couple from Morro Bay, California  attended this same English Convention and were so motivated by everything they saw and heard that by the end of the convention they remarked, "In our case, we believe that 'what He wants us to do' is to "step over into Macedonia"! But let's hear the story from the Calderóns themselves: 

"We had changed from the English to the Spanish in California and loved being in a foreign language group...

"A young couple that we'd studied with in California came into the Truth & moved to  Guadalajara, México to help out with the English.  They continually invited us, even begged us to come down to visit--but to the English!   We had absolutely NO INTEREST of ever returning to English--thinking that it would be like serving in the English in the United States.  

"Eventually, circumstances presented themselves that enabled us to visit them and attend the first English District Convention in México in 1998--having absolutely NO INTENTION of ever again serving in the English.  Well, after only the first 2 hours of the Friday session at the DC (Nov. 6, 1998), my husband and I looked at each other, knowing from that moment we just HAD to move here!


"So after the Convention, we returned to California and the next day put a "FOR SALE" sign on our little mobile home.  It took 3 months for it to sell--then 5 weeks after that we were in Guadalajara, where we began our lives in Mexidonia, crossing the border March 26, 1999". [Brother & sister Calderón presently serve with a little  English group in Colima, having been blessed with the great joy and privilege of serving during the time of "small beginnings" In México-English until now, nearly eight years later!]


Information about the English District Conventions in México

and expressions of brothers attending is continued at: 




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26 August, 2004

Dear Friends,  

We’ve waited a year, prayed for a year and our generous heavenly father, Jehovah, answered every one of those prayers in such an abundance that our hearts are still bursting with emotion.  If you’ve ever wondered:  Why English in México?  Is Jehovah really blessing such a work?  Please keep reading. 

For us, the excitement began the day before at the Department Head’s meeting where it was announced that an unprecedented attendance was expected at the 7th English District Convention in México, August 20-22, 2004.   

Knowing this, we entered the main auditorium of the Auditorio del Estado early on Friday with increased anticipation.  But, what was this?  Something very different captured our attention:  hundreds of chairs neatly lined up at the back of the platform.  Were they to be used in some elaborate demonstration or perhaps for the drama?  We would have to wait a couple of hours to know the answer. 

Cristóbal de Dios, overseer for Circuit #02-Inglés, set the tone for the convention by delivering the first talk at 9:50 a.m.  He mentioned that we would be instructed in 34 different parts during this three-day “Walk With God” district convention.  Now, we know these are the same 34 parts to be delivered in your language and in your part of the world.  

 And yet, there is something different here, something especially appealing to the heart that yearns to do more and that prays to walk even more worthily with Jehovah.  Our hope is that these highlights of the 7th English District Convention in México will help you to understand and even to feel what that difference is.

But, wait!  What’s happening? 

Continued at:  www.Needgreaters.com/MexicoEnglishWhy.htm

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