Population: 106,451,679; Publishers: 593,802; Ratio: 1 to 179; Congregations: 11,192 

[2006 Yearbook]     


Comments by the Faithful & Discreet Slave class about those serving where the need is greater, specifically  in their relationship to the progress of the worldwide Kingdom Preaching work:


"What accounts for such progress? Many things. Missionaries trained at the Watchtower Bible School of Gilead and, more recently, upwards of 20,000 graduates of the Ministerial Training School have made a huge contribution. So have the many Witnesses who at their own expense have moved to lands where the need for Kingdom publishers is greater. Such self-sacrificing Christians—men and women, young and old, single and married—play a significant role in preaching the Kingdom message throughout the earth.  They are greatly appreciated."

Watchtower July 1, 2005, Pages 22-23






"Begged God to Direct her to the Truth & 10-Minutes Later....!

A young girl from a Jewish family had become confused about her own religion when she tried to discover who the Messiah might be. Her boyfriend told her of Jesus, but he indicated that Jesus was God himself, something that didn't seem reasonable to her and is a completely abhorrent thought to a Jew. One day while watching one of those really emotional religious programs, she became even more confused, broke down and cried, and began praying to God. At the end of her prayer in which she begged God to direct her to the truth, she added, "In Jesus' name just in case he is the real Messiah."


What happened next? You guessed it: ten minutes later Jehovah's Witnesses knocked on her door. She was so grateful for the reasonable answers to her many questions that they shared from the Bible, that she immediately asked, "When and where do you meet?" She attended her first meeting the very next day and she is now our spiritual sister!  Manifesting her great appreciation to Jehovah, she now shares the truth about him with others as a pioneer!

"Happy are those conscious of their spiritual needs..." Matt. 5:3


A needgreater couple relate the following experience: "A personal highlight for us [at District Convention] was the attendance of our  Bible student, Matthias. When Matthias first learned of the Convention at a Book Study, he requested time off work to attend. This, even before he had his first Bible study. He drove by himself from Guadalajara to the Convention city and felt comfortable enough to join in all the activities. His note-taking proved so diligent that he was able to follow and participate in the Convention Review at our Service Meeting.


At only his second Bible study he answered all the questions in his own words, referring to the scriptures he had handwritten in a separate notebook. He also asked us countless questions about what he had seen and heard at the Convention. Last night, an emergency occurred at his job necessitating that he work very late. But, not wanting to miss the first meeting of the Tapatia Congregation, he requested a few hours off his job to attend. Then after partaking of the rich spiritual food at the meeting, he returned to work. What a blessing from Jehovah to have a Bible student so conscious of his spiritual needs. "

Never Too Old to Serve Where the Need is Greater!


Ralph Davis - Our 83-year-old brother has served Jehovah for 18 years and now finds himself doing so in the English group of Xalapa, Veracruz.  He walks slowly with the aid of a cane after having two knee replacement surgeries.  He feeds himself spiritually by listening to the Society's cassettes as his poor vision prevents him from reading.  How does he then support the English work in Mexico?  Along with a Spanish-speaking pioneer sister he visits bus stops, asking if the people there speak English.  If they don't, he simply moves aside and lets the sister take over.  That way, he says, "No one can escape!"

 Jehovah Remembers Inactive Ones that Have Relocated to Mexico
& Don't Know Spanish!

When we think about opening up the work in a foreign language such as English in Mexico, we usually reflect on the joy of finding interested ones in the territory who speak that language.  But, what about the possibility of those brothers who perhaps moved to Mexico years ago and, not finding any English congregations, just slowly “slipped through the cracks” and became inactive?  Or consider an English-speaking Bible student who moves here, finds no English congregation and anguishes about how to continue in his studies.

 Well, Jehovah is obviously remembering them, too.

Not so long ago, a man was contacted in San Miguel de Allende who confessed he had been inactive for 35 years but now earnestly wanted to return to Jehovah.  After only a few months of studies, he again qualified to serve as a publisher of the goods news and, of course, was in attendance at the convention.

And, imagine yourself in this situation:   Brothers and sisters from the little English group of Puerto Peñasco chose to go outside the town and witness at a mining company.  While the brothers were preaching to the workers, the sisters decided to enter the administration office and see if anyone there spoke English.  As they opened the door to the office, believe it or not, these are the words they heard the English-speaking receptionist say while talking by satellite telephone to someone in Alaska:  “Oh sister, I just don’t think I’ll ever find anyone here that can finish studying with me!"











The purpose of the Serving Where the Need is Great Web Page is simply to share many of the joys and experiences of needgreaters throughout the world.  It has been prepared with the hope of encouraging all of Jehovah’s servants as well as motivating those who have the circumstances to reach out for this wonderful privilege of service. In no way is the information provided here a substitute for following the instructions of the Society which include contacting the Branch Office in the country in which you would like to serve.