As we examine what took place between 1995 and 2006 in México the answer to this question becomes clear:



1995:  First English circuit assembly ever to be held in México. 

          Still no English congregations in México.


"When did Jehovah began actively turning his attention to the English-speaking of México?"  This was the question posed at the 2005 English District Convention. In an interview with Sister Thompson we learn of the first English-speaking person to be baptized. Sister Thompson had studied with Pam Capriotti between the years 1993-1995, and on August 20, 1995, Sister Thompson became the first person to “come out of the English territory” and to be baptized in this first- ever English circuit assembly, which was held at Bethel for the benefit of English-speaking needgreaters & interested ones since at that time there were no English congregations!


As we continue to examine what happened in the following years, we find that Jehovah had indeed turned his attention towards México-English and was blessing it!


1996:   August - Approval by the Society for the formation of the first English congregation in México (San Miguel de Allende), followed two months later by the second one (Ajijic).  Assemblies in English were held  at the branch, but still no district convention.


1998:  November - 1st English District Convention ever in México! Peak 

                 attendance: 630!

          6 English congregations in all of México, by now!

          The Branch estimated there were 1,000,000 native English-speakers living

                  in México



Four baptized

Convention site-Hotel Real de Minas

1st English Drama in México

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, MEX



1999:  English District Convention # 2.  Peak attendance: 605

          Tapatia Inglés Congregation in Guadalajara formed with 15 pubs., including

                  6 reg. pio., 2 elders, 2 min.serv.  

          9 English congregations now in México

          First English circuit formed in México: Circuit No. 01-Inglés, which covered

                  the entire country.

          The English activity grew from one congregation to a circuit in only

                  3  years!



1st English CO in México

Jorge & Juanita Cruz

Terr.:The ENTIRE Country !

     Lobby of convention site

     Auditorio del Estado

    Guanajuato, GTO, MEX

  Busy Workers:  Ralph Capriotti,

  Paul Polding,  Unidentified bro.,

  Ruben Diaz, & Charles Spillers







2000:    English District Convention # 3.  Peak attendance: 855 !       

            10 English congregations now in México: 40% in full-time service
            269 publishers, not counting 20 English groups (still h
osted by Spanish-

                   speaking congregations)




Just baptized at the DC: Sarah Raye (rt)

with friend visiting from US

Drama prepared by Ajijic Central inglés & Tapatia inglés (Guadalajara) Congs.

"Warning Examples For Our Days"


2001:    English District Convention # 4.  Peak attendance: 942

            13 English congregations in country

            400+ publishers




                 4th English DC-Guanajuato, GTO, MEX


Amin Jalil - New CO for Circuit #01-inglés - 2001

Territory:  The WHOLE Country

    CO Amin Jalil

    with wife, Gabby





2002:    English District Convention # 5.  Peak attendance: 1,425

             20 English congregations in the country

             500+ publishers

             Speaker from US Branch assigned talk at México English Convention for

                       the first time

             México-English first "grandchild" congregation was formed! 


             Guanajuato inglés came from Leon inglés congregation which had come

                      from San Miguel de Allende inglés congregation, making Guanajuato

                      a third generation or "grandchild congregation"!



2002:    A second circuit formed, September 1!  The 20 English congregations &

                      various groups were divided into two circuits!



             Cristóbal & Andrea de Dios

        Thrilled with their new assignment

         CO for the new Circuit #02-inglés

Cristóbal de Dios

Territory:  Only 22 STATES !


2003:      English District Convention # 6: Peak attendance: 1,403

              21 English congregations [Congregations in the Yucatan Peninsula no longer

                          included---became part of Belize English District]

                 3 more congregations approved by the Society. 



CO & Wife: Amin & Gabby Jalil with Karla McKillirick--

Help is needed EVERYWHERE in Mexidonia

    Blind sister from Alaska serving in Mexidonia

"Recruiting" at the 6th English DC in México - 2003


 2004:     English District Convention # 7. Peak attendance: 2,507
              23 baptized. The previous peak number of baptisms at English district

                     conventions was 8 in 2000 & 2003

              32 English congregations [Congregations in the Yucatan Peninsula no longer

                           included---became part of Belize English District]

              60% increase in just two years.  


              Growth of Circuit 02-inglés: 

                     September 2002 was formed  & included 22 states of México,

                            9 congregations & 7 groups. 

                     In 2004: 19 cong., six groups, & 11 book study groups, with more

                            forming every week. 

[And not only in English but also book studies in Chinese and French.  Soon there is to be some in Korean, German,  and other languages] 

Within both of the English circuits, 9 official groups were on the verge of being formed as new congregations.  


        Newly baptized brother, Israel Sánchez,

           is interviewed by the local press

Delegates eager to read the many favorable articles

in local newspapers


23 Living Reasons

(The Newly Baptized at this 9th Eng DC)

One reason it is believed that Jehovah is especially blessing México-English

2004:    A third circuit is formed, November 1!

New CO for New Circuit #03-inglés

Rick & Judy Malet-Veale with Daughters

All serving in Mexidonia



2005:    English District Convention # 8.  Peak attendance:  3,146

             45 congregations in country  [Congregations in the Yucatan Peninsula no longer

                               included---became part of Belize English District]

             México City:  The first English congregation to “split” was made known

                         at this convention. 

Zócalo inglés of México City, which  was formed just one year ago, was

                         divided. Even with the formation of the new congregation,

                         the original was still having more than 100 in attendance at

                         their Sunday meeting! 

Brother Malet-Veale informed the audience that if approved, all the English congregations in the Yucatan peninsula (and currently a part of the Belize English District) would be incorporated into Circuit #03-inglés which will result in a total of 40 destinations within this newest English circuit.  "There is a great need", he emphasized, "for brothers and sisters to help our dear Mexican English-speaking brothers to learn how to preach in English!"


2006:  fourth English circuit was formed! in México in March. 

            English District Convention # 9.  Peak attendance: 3,722 

            60 + English congregations & 20 official groups in country 

                         [English congregations in Yucatan Peninsula once again incorporated into

                         México-English District]
            4 English congregations in México City
            Avg. hours: For Circuit #03-Inglés:16 hrs month. 36% are in

                    full-time work.

            40% of elders are reg. or special pioneers. 


Enthusiastic convention delegates singing praises to Jehovah at this

9th English DC in Mexidonia - 2006 - Querétaro, QRO



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